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“It’s Hot” the debut single from Florida-based nightlife multi-entertainer Macaviti. A spectacle of fashion, high energy, punk-rock, techno-organic fierceness, with in-your-face sass and spice, who has worked the club circuit for many years, and can now add the term “singer/songwriter” to his repertoire. I have seen this person in action and I can definitely tell you his shows are RED HOT!

DJ MAXIMUS: Where are you from and where is your base?

Macaviti: I am originally from Gary, Indiana (“Murder Capital of the World” and Home of the Most Dysfunctional Famous African-American Families in the Business — next to the Braxton’s of course). I now dwell in Tampa, Florida, but the world is my stage.


DJ MAXIMUS: You have an amazing look and presence. What would you say your influences are?

M: Well, thank you. Most of my influences are music, fashion, and art. I get a lot of inspiration from artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, Janet Jackson, Grace Jones, Sylvester and anyone or thing willing to go against the grain of what society deems as acceptable.

Another one of my favorite influential artists is Salvador Dali. He is a visual, creative orgasm. After going through his life’s work, you might have a hangover the next day — and the munchies.

DJ MAXIMUS:  You work as an entertainer performing at clubs. Would you identify as a Drag Persona, Club kid, both, or your own special brand?

M: Well, the saying goes, “You’re born naked and the rest is drag.” However, I just consider myself a performance artist or entertainer. I don’t consider myself a Drag Queen simply because I’m not a female illusionist and I’m sure you’ve never seen a female look quite like myself. If so….I want her beheaded immediately!!!

Seriously, I’m just doing what I feel in my heart and don’t judge myself through other people’s eyes.

 DJ MAXIMUS: Do you design your own outfits?

M: Yes, I design everything from the headpieces to the outfits as high fashion plays a considerable role in everything I do. I believe as an artist,your image is just as important as your sound.

 I often love to use unconventional fabrics, materials, and pieces. Home Depot and Auto Zone is like going into Neiman Marcus and Saks for me.

DJ MAXIMUS: Do you design stuff for other people?

M: I often get asked to and I would ultimately love to have a clothing line someday. I have styled a few people quite a few times. Every now and again, a brave soul will ask me how I make my head pieces. But you know a good magician never reveals his secrets.

DJ MAXIMUS: Craziest backstage experience?


M: Darling, in the almost 12 years I’ve been bumping these pumps to the beat, my “craziest experience file” could incriminate a fortress of folks. I would hate to have to bring anyone down with me.

But…. I will say there is nothing more completely liberating than stripping completely naked in front of thousands while all eyes are on you.

DJ MAXIMUS: You recently crossed over with your first single “It’s Hot” as a vocalist. How did that process work for you, and how did the project come to life?

M: Well, so far this new step into becoming a recording artist has been filled with much emotion. I feel like I’m starting over on a completely new level. So with that comes happiness, anxiety, ambition and a new sense of artistic freedom.

My focus is always to inspire others to tap into their own individuality no matter what society says. Be who you are, love who you are, and reach for the stars, and that is what it feels like to make that step. Knowing that I have the power to not only influence through performance, but through my songs and lyrics.

DJ MAXIMUS:  Any future projects in the works?

M: In addition to performing at circuit parties and club events everywhere, writing and making my own music has taken center stage.

DJ MAXIMUS:  Into what other areas of the arts are you looking to cross over? Any other skills you’re currently working on at the moment?

M: As I stated before, I would love to start a fashion line. I am so inspired by designers like Theirry Mugler, Alexander McQueen (RIP), and John Galliano (despite his anti-semetic statements, there is NO denying he is a genius).

DJ MAXIMUS: Where can we see you perform next? Residencies?

M: It seems as though lately I have more spots than a Dalmation. This a very good thing! You can find me at Gbar in Tampa , Revolution in Orlando on Thursday’s at its Back Door Bumby, and every Sunday as the host at Hamburger Mary’s in Tampa for Sunday Funday.

Other than that, I often am showcased in Key West, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Washington DC, and Denver.

DJ MAXIMUS: Where can we find out more info on you?

M: Well, like the rest of the world, you can Google me. But remember everything you hear about me…. It’s all true!

You can also check my Facebook fanpage. But to be honest, they say (who every they are) if you really want to know something you should go to the source so feel free to ask me directly at [email protected].