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If You Can’t Stand the Heat: ES Collection Cooks Up Sexy New Briefs

ES Collection has always been a steamy sports brand.  But this summer’s provocative ad campaign for their new brief collection turns up the temps to an all time high.

Barcelona-based ES Collection clearly likes to have fun, but behind the hyper sexuality is a brand committed to quality, technology and design.  The brand has done plenty to provide the innovation to briefs gay men want. Their signature molded pouch helps to increase size, but also to provide lift and comfort, giving guys the perfect jeans bulge.  It’s become so popular, ES Collection has incorporated the form-complementing technology into many of this season’s underwear collections. Briefs are available in an assortment of styles from boxer to trunks, jockstraps and even body suits. There are many different fabrics as well, including cotton, nylon, polyamide, modal, and even polyester mesh.

While most designer brands lose shape after three to four washes, founder Ed Suner says his briefs are built to stand the test of time. He promises “fabrics and elastic will never lose shape in the wash” and he backs it up with a guarantee.

If you can’t beat the heat, use it as an excuse to show off some red hot undies from this smoltering collection.

For more information on ES Collection’s 2013 underwear collection, and more photos and videos, visit www.ESCollectionUSA.com.  Free shipping on all purchases.