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Gaysha New World Sushi Bar

During these economic times, more folks are saving money by making box lunches for work, and cooking dinners at home. I even have found myself watching Julia Child on YouTube while attempting to create the perfect chicken dinner.

It seemed to me that eating out came with too high a price tag. That was until I was introduced to my own delicate and beautiful Geisha. I first saw her face as I was walking along Wilton Drive; her face powdered white, lips bright red, with chopsticks in her hair.

She was on a lit-up sign over a small new place I had never heard of called “Gaysha New World Sushi Bar.”

Obviously the slight play on the name gives homage to the diverse neighborhood in which the new restaurant was placed. I had to check it out. After eating what was the freshest tuna and insanely delicious fresh crab meat I had ever  had, as well as small aperitif provided to  me compliments of the Chef/Owner, Takeshi Kamioka, I was hooked.

When the check came, I thought there had been a mistake for it seemed too inexpensive for what I had just eaten. I was compelled to get to know more about Gaysha so I could let you all in on my new secret on the drive.

I asked Takeshi to explain his concept and how he managed to be so economical while putting out such sensational sushi. He smiled as if pleased I had asked and stated, “I live in Wilton Manors, see a lot of foot traffic and local businesses rather than corporate restaurants or chains. All the little shops around here have their own character and good vibe to them, so I thought I could add to the mix with my unique outlook on food.”

Takeshi told me that he’s been doing sushi since age 16 and now, nearly 20 years later, he’s come to the conclusion that less is more when the ingredients are fresh and each item is masterfully prepared and presented.

He commented on the industrial space as well stating, “I admire lofty warehouse industrial looks, because it’s simple and clean.

I told the electricians to purposely leave the wiring exposed because it adds to the feel of the place.”

I have finally found the perfect quaint sushi bar that won’t break the piggy bank and after several visits back to Gaysha Sushi Bar, I can say that my appetite for new, unique, fresh, robust, and eye-popping sushi has been met.

Check it out and tell Takeshi that AJ Cross sent you. It won’t get you a discount, but with his prices, you won’t need it.
Happy eating!