The assortment of smoothies offered at JuiceBlendz is characteristically superb. This franchise chain was an early leader in high-protein, all-natural drinks for increased energy and muscle building. Of the Healthy Choice Blendz, for those looking to maximize your gym workouts and training sessions, order up the Isoplex Low Carb Smoothie ($6.25), which is actually a complete meal replacement in a 24-ounce cup, featuring Isoplex (a supreme form of Whey Protein that delivers time-released ingredients to prevent muscle atrophy and add metabolism support), skim milk and two fruits of your choice (our suggestion is banana for potassium and strawberries for antioxidants).

But JuiceBlendz is far more than just drinks. The company has a complete range of eats, as well, including some excellent choices for a fast breakfast treat. Bagels are in the center ring, providing the foundation from which to build a sandwich for $3.75. The JB Garden Bagel is the healthy food choice, serving up spinach, tomato, cream cheese, and melted Provolone cheese on a wheat bagel that is toasted to perfection. For those carnivores, the JB Ham Bagel adds deli ham to the mix, while a JB Plain Bagel with cream cheese charts in at a reasonable $1.99.

For lunch and dinner, wraps reign supreme at JuiceBlendz, made fresh using spinach, tomato and whole wheat (the choice is yours).  Our favorite of the group is the Asian Blendz Wrap ($6.25) featuring sliced chicken breast that is incredibly moist, charmed with the crispiest of fresh romaine lettuce, sliced carrots, toasted sesame seeds for added crunch, and JB peanut sauce that provides a savory zest. The Sensational Caesar Wrap ($6.50) truly lives up to its billing, stuffed full of sliced chicken breast, Romano dressing, and fresh grated Parmesan cheese.

JuiceBlendz also produces some excellent sandwiches made all the more special by its freshly baked Italian Ciabatta. The bread shines with its crisp crust and dense interior sandwiching the JB Ultimate ($6.95). The surprise here is the amount of deli ham, Ovengold turkey breast, and super-lean roast beef layered with Provolone cheese and JB sauce, a tangy sweet taste unique to JuiceBlendz.  For a totally different meal, try the hot and toasted JB Albacore Melt ($6.75), which combines spinach with light mayonnaise and Provolone cheese. Ask for it “extra toasty,” and experience the diverse flavors at full bloom.

The franchise also rocks with its French Baguette roll featured in the JB Turkey Club ($6.75), combining Ovengold sliced turkey breast, sliced tomatoes, crisp bacon, melted Provolone cheese, and JB’s secret spread in another hot sandwich that’s a hearty as it is delicious. The JB Ravin’ Roast Beef ($6.95) packs on the Provolone (once again melted) with cream cheese in a refreshing hot-and-cold taste counterbalance topped with warm au jus.

For those who need just a little extra to fill out their meal, JuiceBlendz adds 99-cent side portions of Three-Potato Salad, Rotelli Pasta Salad, or a spicy Salsa Raviolini—all of which are small in size but huge in flavor.

JuiceBlendz features a Daily Specials menu that allows you to mix and match without breaking the pocketbook. Order any wrap with a side and a bottled drink for $4.99. A wrap with a 16-ounce smoothie tallies up $6.99. But splurge on a 24-ounce smoothie, and tell them Guy Magazine sent you.