Bodytek Fitness

Bodytek Fitness is located at 7020 SW 22nd Court, Fort Lauderdale, 33317. At Bodytek Fitness, certified personal trainer Michael Verdugo and qualified assistants provide clients with group personal training. Small group training is an excellent alternative to one-on-one instruction in that it allows the client to work with a personal trainer and enjoy the camaraderie of others while in a workout situation.

Sessions are one hour in length and provide clients with a total body workout routine. Clients are shown to work out every muscle group using a variety of state of the art equipment including a rower, TRX suspension training, and free weights.

At Bodytek Fitness, no two classes are ever the same. Using different exercises, techniques and routines, Bodytek is designed to improve your cardiovascular system, build muscle and burn fat. All clients are welcome, regardless of your fitness level. Leave it up to Bodytek professionals to get you in the best shape ever. Call now 855-526-3983 or check us out at