Kiss Kiss: Faith Michaels’ New Track is Passionate and Sexy

Faith Michaels’ newest track may share the same title as the 1986 single by Prince and The Revolution, from the “Parade” album, but that’s where the similarities end. “Other than both songs being called ‘Kiss,’ I couldn’t compare the two,” she explains. “My ‘Kiss’ is more like Prince’s ‘Cream’ or ‘Do Me Baby’ because the moans in the three songs are meant to inspire listeners into a certain state of mind, if you catch my drift.”

Michaels penned the song, drawing inspiration from her first love (who just so happened to be a fan of Prince). “It’s about the passion we felt towards one another. You know that feeling you get when you first look deeply into your lover’s eyes and they take your breath away? Then when you go in for the kiss, you feel that explosion of sensuality. That’s what ‘Kiss’ is about,” she says.

“Kiss” is Michael’s second single release with DJ Georgie Porgie, the Chicago-based dance music remixer/producer who has reached the top five on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music chart multiple times with hits like “Let the Music Pump You Up,” “Everybody Must Party,” “I’m in Love,” “Love Story” and “Life Goes On.” Last winter, the pair collaborated on “Go Home,” a joyful song about staying out all night on the dance floor.

“Georgie and I work so well together,” continues Michaels. “Georgie has been making club music for a long time. He knows the ins and outs of the industry. I bring an idea to him and he lets me know how we can make it work. All I have to do is listen…and then sing.”

The two first met after Georgie Porgie heard Michael’s 2011 track, “Fetish.” Similar to “Kiss,” “Fetish” is a sex-tacular floor shaker with hard beats that continue to be played at underground and after-hour events throughout the country and abroad.

“I was really trying to stay away from producing another erotic anthem,” Michaels says. “I didn’t think I could ever top ‘Fetish.’ But people kept asking me when I was going to do another song like it and finally I realized it’s who I am. It’s what I enjoy. I’m a Leo. Leo’s are very seductive people.”

She’s also excited to help bring back the big room sound. “Big Room deserves a comeback,” she says. “Everything that worked before always comes back, just modernized. That’s what ‘Kiss’ is…a modernized ‘Fetish,’”

“Kiss” is available now on iTunes,, and most major music retailers.

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