On the Road to The Hookies: An Exclusive Interview with Escort Angel Rock

Before we can get to The Hookies 2014 International Escort Awards, we have to go through some preliminary contests. Therefore, Boardwalk will be hosting a regional contest for the highly-coveted “Mr. Florida” title via Rentboy. Mr. Florida will then go on to compete in New York at the 2014 Hookies (which is sort of like the Academy Awards for escorts, in case you didn’t know). That’s right, escorts deserve recognition too.

One escort in particular caught our eye this year – Miami’s own Angel Rock. Angel is a total stallion (in every sense of the word), so he’s definitely a top contender for Mr. Florida. We recently spoke to Angel to hear his thoughts on his competition and what the future holds for the versatile model/escort.

I can’t decide what sounds more fun; doing adult films or escorting. Which do you prefer?

Film is much more artistically adventurous, and as an artist, this excites me!

How did you start doing porn?

At the tender age of 18 I was approached to do porn. I started as a web cam performer and soon after transitioned into film where I was signed to an exclusive contract.

Start ’em young. What’s it like being a part of rentboy? Was the transition from porn to escort an easy one?

It’s a matter of fulling fantasies and pushing limits that you wouldn’t normally pursue. It wasn’t hard, just different.

What has been your craziest experience as an escort so far? Favorite experience?

Both craziest and favorite is staying up all night getting to know a stranger, and leaving that experience genuinely happy to have met that individual.

That’s very compassionate of you. You’re competing for the Mr. Florida title to get a chance at becoming the next Mr. International Escort. I’m wondering…What do they even make you do for those contests? 

I’m excited to hang out with my peers that night not to concerned with the outcome. When us Florida boys get together it’s a hoot! And above all, THE FANS! I love any opportunity to interact and see my fans. I have no clue what they will make us do. Maybe eat bananas? [laughs]

What’s your competition like for Mr. Florida? Have you sized them up yet?

They are all awesome performers and young gentlemen. I am just honored to be included…But it’s a contest. May the best man win.

I have to ask…What does one wear to The Hookies? It can’t be a black tie affair can it?

It’s held in NYC, the fashion capital of the universe. BRING IT!!

What’s in the future for Angel Rock? Both the entertainer and the person.

I plan to further my education in motion picture/television production… Stay tuned!

Make sure to check out all of the action in person at Boardwalk (1721 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, 33311) on February 1 at 11 p.m.