Arthus and Nico: X-Rated Blogging Done Right

Arthus and Nico are one of the hottest French couples on the internet right now. Their videos have millions of views on XTube, they run a popular blog in France; they even have their own underwear line. On the heels of the legalization of gay marriage in France, Nico and Arthus took time out of their busy schedule to sit down and speak with us about their blog, their underwear line and what the future holds for the wildly fun couple.
Guy Magazine: What was the catalyst to this blog? What caused you to create such a wild, raw thing?
Arthus and Nico: It all started with our first photoshoot eight years ago. The photos were supposed to be just for us. But one thing lead to another. In this particular case, it was one piece of clothing after the other, and we ended up naked and horny, so we decided to take a video. I (Nico) have never felt confident in my own skin and for the first time, I was ok with my image. I guess it was a big part of my decision to share the content online. The other big reason was that it was just exciting to do something so unusual that we never thought we would ever do. Within the first two years we added many videos and photos. Over the years, we decided to add many other things in our blog so that it would be more about gay culture and not only just us. We only do one or two actual sex tapes per year now. We do way more instant photos like Arthus flashing his abs at Publix or Target. Our thing is more about making “sexy” something fun.
GM: What’s your favorite thing about doing the blog?
AN: Arthus loves to follow all the fashion trends and thanks to the blog, he can spend hours reading articles about that. It’s not being lazy, it’s working! We also like the possibility of sharing our thoughts on any subject. We don’t like censorship at all.
GM: When you’re taking those scandy pictures, what are you listening to?
AN: We are really into pop culture. We love big voices like Mariah Carey or Jennifer Hudson, and loads of R&B singers like Tamia, Ciara or Melanie Fiona, but usually when taking pics it’s more of a fun moment. So it would be songs like “Blow” from Ke$ha or some of Rihanna’s stuff. Right now, it’s totally cheesy but we are obsessed with the final song from The Bellas in “Pitch Perfect”. How much more gay can we be?
GM: Be honest, who’s the real top?
Arthus: You can see that on our xtube account, Arthus topping Nico has been seen millions of times — it’s crazy, and it’s the truth.  We are both versatile but Nico is the bottom 80% of the time.
GM: Favorite position?
Nico: Laying down on the bed, on my chest, with Arthus on top of me, working his magic.
GM: You take a lot of nude photos in public. Have you guys ever literally been caught with your pants down?
AN: Never in a straight aera. It did happen in a gay nudist beach in France. One time the guy even helped us film.
GM: We have to know. Do your parents know about this blog? My mother would die.
AN: No they don’t. Nico’s father saw it like seven years ago and it was pretty harsh. We stopped it for a while. They just know that we have sexy pictures online, not sexual pictures.
GM: What mother doesn’t know can’t hurt her, right? Speaking of family, what do you have to say about all of the commotion over in France? Are you guys going to get married?
AN: It’s been crazy. That was not a good period in France — full of hatred. What surprised us the most is that it was on both sides. We totally expected the conservative and very Catholic people to be against this law. We remember how it was in 1999 for the civil union, but we didn’t expect that they would be…so well organized. We didn’t expect so many in the streets, and we didn’t expect the gay community to fight back with so much hatred. We hoped instead that they would take the high road to show that same sex marriage was a love thing, not a bitter thing. Both sides were very judgemental and discriminating. I totally get that it’s out of frustration, sadness and rejection for the gay community. So we hope that things will settle down in France. We hope that this giant step forward will help homosexuality to be more accepted by French people and that it will set an example for other countries as well. We are very lucky and proud to be in one of the 14 countries that allow gay marriage, but so many countries are still punishing homosexuality. We need to lead the way. We will get married later on. Work is just so crazy right now and we want time to really plan and enjoy our wedding. It’s a new, big right that took ages to be legalized. We don’t want to waste the experience by rushing into it. It will be a very big step in our personal life.
GM: Agreed. Hopefully America will be next. I understand you guys have your own sexy underwear line as well. I mean if anyone should have a sexy underwear line, it should be you guys. But was that always the plan, or was it a little bit unexpected?
AN: If you would have asked us eight years ago if we wanted to have our own brand, we would have probably said no. We started our online men’s underwear store about seven years ago. The idea of maybe doing a line appeared about three years ago, but we thought it would happen years later. We startetd to work on our first sketches in spring of 2011. We still can’t believe that we have designed our own line and that after a short year it’s already been sold in France, Germany, Australia and the US. It seems like just yesterday when Nico was handstitching samples at 1 a.m. to send them back to the factory (after his long day’s work no less).
GM: Where do you see yourselves next? In 10 years? What are your end goals?
AN: That’s a tough question. We will launch our second brand at Gay Days in Orlando. We don’t know how it will be received yet. And then, we want our brand to get bigger than our online retail in France. It will be even more exciting and challenging! We have so many ideas and we get to travel the world for our brand; it’s amazing.  In 10 years, we hope to have two kids, a home in France and in the US and of course, to be the reigning kings of sexy underwear worldwide. The reigning married kings of course!
GM: Okay, it’s time to bring it home. It’s time for the most important question of 2013: who’s your favorite trainwreck? Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes?
AN: I would say Lindsay Lohan because I really feel sorry for Amanda Bynes. We loved her in “What I Like About You.” It aired every Saturday morning in France and we used to watch it. We must admit that the video she took of her on her “sour patch kid” was on another level. We’re not sure Lindsay can ever touch that.