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    5 Cheap Labor Day Weekend Options

    Labor Day weekend is here and everyone wants to get out and do something. Some of your friends will be oiled up and ready to hit the circuit parties. Others will have a long list of restaurant and other nightlife options that you can enjoy. But what will you do if your social calendar calls […]

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    New York Grilled Cheese Co. Has a New Voice

    Give us the backstory on Brie Waffleton. I’ve been a die hard grilled cheese fan since childhood. So when Leor opened NYGC in Wilton, I was one of his very first customers. I’ve seen how far they’ve come, from being just this small grilled-cheese diner type spot with only a gaggle of fans, to being […]

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    Beloved bar, Mona’s, Reopens

    It was just a month ago when Mona’s, the recognizable pink gay bar by the train tracks on East Sunrise Blvd, held its closing party. After 19 years, the decision caught many regulars and most of Fort Lauderdale by surprise. But on Thursday, August 25, the bar reopened, much to the delight of many who […]

  • Muscular young man standing and looking at camera, shirtless, showing chiselled torso and pecs isolated on white in studio shot

    5 Really Hot Guys to Follow on Instagram

    mario8855 Yes, he is sexy. Yes, he is really that hot. Yes, we confirmed that he is a real person. We were in shock too when we first came across his page. Mario Rodriquez Jr. is a professional model and actor, of course. When you’re that hot, you should take as many pictures as possible […]

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    Go to Art Basel 2016 With Madonna

    Do you want to meet and hang out with Madonna at Art Basel? Better yet, would you like to support a good cause in the process? If so, we’ve got a plan for you. All you have to do is support Raising Malawi, a non-profit campaign designed to help orphans and less fortunate children in […]

  • fitness

    4 Fort Lauderdale Gyms You May Have Overlooked

    Before you get your gym gloves in a bunch, there’s something you should know. This article isn’t about the mega popular Fort Lauderdale gyms that you talk about with your friends on the weekends. We know all about your LA Fitness pride and how passionate some of you are about Orange Theory Fitness. We are […]





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