• Man Wearing Gym Clothing Looking At Mobile Phone

    10 Grindr Survival Tips for the Modern Man

    Remember when using Grindr was somewhat taboo? Just a few years ago, it seemed as though some guys were embarrassed to say that they were on the popular social app in search of a casual date or sex. While the popularity and overall acceptance of Grindr has certainly grown, there are still countless guys who […]

  • Thoughtful Bearded Man

    Register to Vote at the Hotel Gaythering in Miami Beach

    Did you know that the deadline to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election is October 11th? As the date rapidly approaches, the Hotel Gaythering, the attractive gay hotel in Miami Beach, is making efforts to get more people to vote. Voter registration is now available at the cozy hotel 7 days a week, […]

  • mikeverdugo-nextmagazine-dennisdean6

    Mike Verdugo On New Gym Space and Gay Cops

    It was 6 years ago when Mike Verdugo started Bodytek Fitness, a high intensity interval training program for those interested in losing weight or staying cut. Back then, the former police officer and interior designer was just embarking on a period of his life where he could focus on fitness… the one thing that he has […]

  • lorenzolittlefield-nextmagazine-dennisdean3

    Lorenzo Littlefield – The Man With the Magic Scissors

    At 41 years old, Lorenzo Littlefield is at peace. From his posture to his smile, it is clear that he is more than just content with his career, but he is happy… genuinely. In 2011, he purchased Salon Scissorium with his business partner and friend, Geoffrey Farrell. At the time, the salon was already a […]

  • Muscular man at a crossfit gym lifting a barbell.

    7 Fitness Tips for Your Best Halloween Body

    Halloween is just over a month away and you’re determined to kill the scene in your costume this year. Last year, while all your friends flaunted their bodies in wrestling singlets and tight football costumes, you were forced to walk around in an oversized Dracula piece that you created last minute. Well, this year, there’s […]

  • Thoughtful man sitting on bed while boyfriend sleeping

    My Friends Hate My Boyfriend… What Do I Do?

    Nobody wants to have to have to choose between their friends and the person they are dating. In fact, life is so much easier and more enjoyable when your friends and your love interest can work together in perfect harmony. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. If you’re stuck between a group of close friends […]





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