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    Your Gay Florida Party Guide

    By Christopher Muro and Alexander Kacala As winter approaches, that trip to Florida will begin to seem more and more appealing. If you’re eager to take in some sun and enjoy all the nightlife that Florida has to offer, this will be your guide to the party scene. From St. Pete to Key West, here […]

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    Big Changes Ahead for Fort Lauderdale Pride

    If you are gearing up for the annual Fort Lauderdale Pride this coming October, you may want to pump your brakes. Now in its 40th year, the one day Fort Lauderdale Pride will be held on February 26, 2017 instead. But there are more changes that you should know about. Instead of holding the event […]

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    Meet Gary Lavard: One Scene at a Time

    Growing up in Detroit, Gary Lavard always had dreams of transcending the tiny block that he called home. In fact, he attended performing arts school with hopes of one day becoming a superstar rap artist. Cashada (his rap name at the time), was a bold and charismatic aspiring rapper. He wore baseball caps to the […]

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    10 Grindr Survival Tips for the Modern Man

    Remember when using Grindr was somewhat taboo? Just a few years ago, it seemed as though some guys were embarrassed to say that they were on the popular social app in search of a casual date or sex. While the popularity and overall acceptance of Grindr has certainly grown, there are still countless guys who […]

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    Register to Vote at the Hotel Gaythering in Miami Beach

    Did you know that the deadline to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election is October 11th? As the date rapidly approaches, the Hotel Gaythering, the attractive gay hotel in Miami Beach, is making efforts to get more people to vote. Voter registration is now available at the cozy hotel 7 days a week, […]

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    Mike Verdugo On New Gym Space and Gay Cops

    It was 6 years ago when Mike Verdugo started Bodytek Fitness, a high intensity interval training program for those interested in losing weight or staying cut. Back then, the former police officer and interior designer was just embarking on a period of his life where he could focus on fitness… the one thing that he has […]





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